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GUNTUR: Dasari Yaswanth, a 20-year-old engineering student, set 12 world records and entered the Indian Book of Records for painting a portrait of actor Sonu Sood with sand and Rangoli on 273 square meters of land in two hours and 57 minutes. His specialty is that he can draw with his mouth, hands and feet, all at the same time. “I started it as a hobby. Later, in my interactions with hearing impaired, hard of hearing and disabled children, I was struck by the fact that I was able to interact with them better through my art. I can better express my feelings and opinions through art. That’s when I started to learn painting with my mouth and my legs, ”he said.

Yaswanth believes that art plays an important role in his life because it constantly inspires and motivates him. “So I want children to also seek comfort in art. At present, I give free painting and drawing lessons for talented and interested children. So far, 200 students have joined the course he designed. “I’ve been interested in technology since my school days, especially robotics. I am now designing a robot that can help humans in everyday life; he can perform specific tasks and make our lives easier. I want the end product to be profitable.

Dr Yaswanth from Guntur has 12 world records to his credit. He also designed equipment to keep his village clean I Express

While the world is still fighting Covid-19, he wanted to do something for his home village Pervallipalem, after being inspired by the philanthropic activities of Sonu Sood. So, using his technical expertise, he designed sanitation equipment and distributed it to residents to encourage them to follow Covid-19 standards.

The young technician is now the CEO of his own company, X Genie Soft, a software development company that offers jobs to several prospective local engineering students. “The response to my classes at several engineering schools and universities inspired me to start my own software company. As a student, I know the difficulties one has to face to find a job. So to encourage the students, I lead internship projects. My dream is to grow my business and take it to new heights, ”said Yashwant.

Thanking his parents Srinivasa Rao and Lakshmi for his success, he said they gave him the freedom to pursue his dreams and supported him throughout his journey. “My dad told me to be my own boss, which motivated me to start my software business. He also taught me how to give back to society, which is why we founded a trust that provides free education to children in my village. We are also striving to achieve a 100% literacy rate in my village and to extend the same service to other villages as well, ”he said.

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