Auburn Athletics posts highest GSR in program history

AUBURN, Alabama – Auburn Athletics posted its highest graduation pass rate (GSR) in program history, 93%. The NCAA released its Graduate Pass Rate (GSR) on Dec. 2 as part of the Annual Academic Performance Program. The statistics represent students who started their studies in the 2014-15 school year.

Auburn’s GSR has improved by two percentage points from last year’s program record high.

“We congratulate these Auburn women and men for graduating from Auburn at an all time high,” said the athletic director. Allen Greene noted. “The diligence of our student-athletes and Auburn’s strong academic support services combine to create these exceptional results.”

ABOUT DIPLME SUCCESS RATE: The GSR starts with the federal cohort and adds transfer students, mid-year enrollments and non-scholarship students (in specific cases) to the sample. Student-athletes who leave an institution when they are performing well academically before having exhausted their athletic eligibility are removed from the cohort of their initial institution. This rate provides a more complete and accurate picture of actual student athlete success by considering the wide variety of participants in Division I sports and tracking their academic performance. The GSR report can be accessed here:

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