Best Cyber ​​Security Platforms For The Software Development Process

There are two things you can definitely say about our world. On the one hand, everything is faster.

We don’t have to wait for anything anymore. Mail and messages are immediate, and we don’t even have to go to the store to buy things. The other thing, which is very related, is that more and more of our lives are spent in digital spaces.

5 benefits of automated cybersecurity in 2021

We talk, share, buy, work and a whole lot of stuff through cloud apps. For this reason, there has been an unprecedented amount of apps developed in recent years. If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon to develop them yourself or for your business, then you’ve found a great opportunity for growth.

However, it is important that you do everything possible to secure these apps. Cyber ​​attacks and hacking are always a threat, and one of the worst things for you would be having access to an application and stolen data. This is a particular risk in this age of speed. When rushing to develop apps and software, developers and administrators can easily make mistakes and miss important signs that there is a security problem. Here are some of the best cybersecurity platforms that you can use when developing software and applications.


Apiiro offers a complete platform for all software development security needs. You can use it to scan your coding as you go to avoid having to rebuild when things don’t work later. You can also program your compliance needs into the software so that it not only reduces vulnerability, but also identifies areas where you may not be meeting compliance standards. This is especially important for applications that use financial and health data.

Since things happen so fast, you want your code to be secure and released ASAP. Apiiro can help you do this by automating your risk-based decisions on the fly and making your application or development software as secure as possible.

Change speed

Reshift is a tool that you can use to scan your personalized code. It will check for vulnerabilities as they happen so you can fix things well before you run into any issues after implementation. It fits into the workflow and productivity tools so you never miss a reminder to scan your new code. When it detects a vulnerability, it offers suggested fixes and remedies so you can quickly get on with your work.


Once an application or software has been released, it should be checked and tested regularly to ensure that it remains secure. Criminals and hackers are always coming up with new methods of accessing data, so developers should do everything possible to get them under control.

Arachni is a software tester that will scan web applications for vulnerabilities and functionality issues. It integrates with web browsers, allowing it to work on even the most complex and robust. web applications. Nothing will be missing and any issues will be revealed quickly so you can go back and fix them.


Contrast is another software and application testing app that looks for problems by observing how the application works rather than analyzing the code. Contrast will audit the data stream and notify developers if there are any vulnerabilities that could indicate a security issue. It can have multiple users for collaboration and information sharing, as well as with most types of code, including Java.

As a developer, there is nothing worse than finishing a release and then finding out that there is a flaw that you need to spend a lot of time fixing. By using the right cybersecurity platforms, you can ensure that your code and applications stay secure and that your implementations run smoothly.

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