Local software company launches basic banking platform


Mugonat Systems Inc is a local software development and consulting company that provides enterprise software solutions, website services, mobile apps, e-commerce, and chatbots. The company announced the launch of a basic banking add-on software called Cashlinq, which it claims has been developed with the best technology, security and international standards.

The core banking supplement system centers around modules that a financial institution can use to replace existing software, as Mugonat employees say Cashlinq offers a modern, fast, scalable, resilient and scalable software stack.

The Cashlinq modules can be developed separately, in part or in full depending on the use case. Modules can also be integrated into existing systems via standard APIs and protocols.

“The bank as we know it is changing. With the arrival of new technologies and innovations, financial institutions must reinvent traditional practices to meet customer expectations. We are pleased to announce the launch of our flexible banking solution that will allow financial institutions to meet new customer demands while updating their business processes to be more forward-looking and agile.

Tendai Elvis Mugovi , CEO of Mugonat Systems Inc.

The modules support the ISO standards of the box. The key modules of the platform are:

  • Basic banking module
  • Payment processing interface
  • Payment exchange interface [Interbankmodule]
  • Omnichannel backend module
  • Open bank
  • Merchant services gateway
  • Single sign-on module
  • API Gateway Module
  • Loan management system
  • Chain applications

“We designed Cashlinq to handle the complex problems associated with agile banking, but we kept it easy to implement”

Tendai Elvis Mugovi, CEO of Mugonat Systems Inc.

You can consult the complete brochure of Cashlinq products with the link here


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