Quobyte Launches Native Hadoop Driver to Unlock the Power of Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Streaming, and Real-Time Applications


SANTA CLARA, California, July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Quobyte® Inc., the leading developer of scalable horizontally-deployed software-defined storage (SDS), today announced the availability of its Hadoop pilot. Quobyte’s new native driver for Hadoop addresses the limitations of the high-capacity design of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) within the enterprise. The new native driver brings significant benefits in optimizing Hadoop clusters for a much wider range of applications and workloads, and true file system sharing between object storage and applications.

“Today’s analytics solutions allow businesses to extract important insights from large volumes of data, but with the increasing prevalence of AI and machine learning in business analytics applications. data, the limitations of HDFS batch processing have been exposed, ”said Bjӧrn Kolbeck, CEO of Quobyte. “By deploying Quobyte’s native Hadoop / HDFS driver, businesses can now seamlessly share large amounts of file data with high performance on Hadoop / analytics, machine learning, and any Linux or Windows application.

Hadoop is a powerful framework for processing big data, spread across large amounts of backbone hardware across the enterprise. It has proven to be essential in helping businesses manage the exponential growth of data, but in today’s data-driven environment, it lacks the ability to handle the real-time demands of the new generation of analytical applications. Engineers have worked hard, with limited success, to enable processing of small files using NFS connectors.

Quobyte now offers the ability to seamlessly integrate small file processing into the Hadoop Framework, without the need for a new file system, to provide the fast and scalable file I / O needed for real-time and analytical applications modern, while integrating well with container technology.

Accelerated by the rapid evolution of analytics and real-time applications, Gartner predicts that by 2024, 50% of global storage capacity will be deployed as SDS, either on-premises or in the public cloud (compared to less than 15% in 2020). With this announcement, Quobyte and Hadoop bring together the ability to run on any basic x86 distributed hardware, unleashing the benefits of Hadoop while removing the storage limitations of HDFS and NFS, ensuring that these loads of Modern jobs can run efficiently on Hadoop clusters.

Additionally, the new native driver removes security complexities by leveraging an alternative to HDFS that enables storage and network level encryption.

Quobyte’s Anywhere Deployment software is truly hardware independent, running on both bare metal and the public cloud. For more information on the free edition of Quobyte to use in their data center with a capacity of up to 150TB, visit https://www.quobyte.com/

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Founded in 2013 by former Google employees and high-performance IT experts, Quobyte is dedicated to bringing horizontal scalability and HPC hyper-scaling operations to the enterprise. Backed by more than a decade of research, Quobyte’s next-generation parallel file system kernel serves low latency, high throughput workloads within a single system. Quobyte brings the benefits of modern storage to enterprise computing for a scalable generation with unlimited performance, seamless automatic failover, and uninterrupted updates. Please visit www.quobyte.com for more information.

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