Software Advice Survey Highlights Employee Sentiment on Workplace Social Justice Initiatives


AUSTIN, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Software advice, a company that helps small businesses navigate the software buying journey, shared findings from its report on social justice in the workplace today. It found that only 24% of workers said their employer had taken a public position on at least one issue and had taken action to support their position.

The study, which consisted of nearly 500 U.S. employees, reveals the complex and nuanced landscape in which employers must navigate to engage ethically while employees themselves are divided over how best their companies should engage. in social justice issues. Less than a third of respondents (30%) believe that taking a stand is good for business, and that their colleagues hold similar views on social justice issues and the actions their employer should take.

Make no mistake, respondents want their employer to take action. The majority of respondents (57%) want their employers to take a public stand on social justice issues, even those with which they disagree. But it can’t be lip service. A fifth of respondents already believe that their employers’ stance on social justice issues does not match their business practices.

“Implementing a ‘non-political’ workplace will definitely backfire,” said Brian Westfall, senior analyst at GetApp. “More effort should be made to provide safe spaces for internal discussions around these burning issues, such as the implementation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We’ve also found that businesses tend to perform better when tackling issues that are closely related to their brand and identity. Finally, be sure to practice what you preach – workers will instantly speak out against hypocrisy on social justice positions. ”

To effectively address social justice issues in the workplace, employers must first create environments for discussing social issues. In the survey, 44% of respondents say their job does not have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for workers to discuss social justice issues, but they would like to. To learn more about how to bridge the gap in your workplace, Read the full report here.

About software advice

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Survey methodology

The Software Advice Social Justice Response Survey was conducted in July 2021. We collected 487 responses from full and part-time workers in US companies with five or more employees. The purpose of this survey was to find out how employees feel about how their employer should respond to social justice issues in the United States.

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