Syracuse Common Council signs 3-year software modernization agreement with Microsoft

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The Syracuse Common Council has approved the use of $ 532,000 of US bailout funding to move about 750 users to Microsoft 365 for the purpose of modernizing the city’s software over three years.

As the proposal passed, councilor Michael Greene said he was hesitant to award the contract to Microsoft because of the lack of attention the company gave Syracuse.

Microsoft says it has been slow to implement the new software due to the pandemic, Greene said.

The council also has an agreement with Syracuse University to provide maintenance services for Thornden Park and the sidewalks on Ostrom Avenue until a later meeting.


The deal, which will be introduced when the newly elected council meets next year, would force the city to agree to continue to maintain the university’s sidewalks without assessing new fees, to scratch the sidewalks near the park on the avenue Ostrom, to serve the Schine student center and the south campus. as training rotations for police officer cadets, assist the university in the authorization process and provide an additional code inspector for the university area.

Under the deal, which was originally introduced in October, SU would increase its contributions to the city from $ 1 million to $ 2 million from fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2026. These payments are part of the advisory committee on the University Quarter Services Agreement, which ease providing funds to the city since 1993.

Although the agreement was not adopted at Monday’s meeting, Greene wants UNSAAC’s contributions to be separated from other provisions of the agreement so that they can be distributed more quickly to communities, in particular. in the Eastside, who need it, he said.

Other business:

The council has accepted a lease with the Syracuse Select Sports Complex to host events for the Syracuse Police Athletic League. The lease will cost no more than $ 9,240.

The city settled two cases with Verizon regarding damaged electrical conduit boxes and conduit lines from June 2018 and March 2019. Each case was settled for $ 17,500, respectively.

The council also amended the Syracuse City School District budget by increasing the city’s general fund operating budget by approximately $ 12 million.

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