Understanding Internet Speed ​​and the Key to High Usage of Business Plans

The holidays are meant to be a time when things slow down. Now is the time to catch your breath, spend time with family and recharge your batteries before starting a new year.

In its annual ‘Data Never Sleeps’ report, cloud-based software provider Domo takes a look at what the world has been up to on the Internet over the past year. As you may have seen for yourself, most of us have been busier than ever.

It’s no wonder many of us like the slower pace.

When I was a kid, the “New York Minute” was the standard phrase for moving at a fast pace. But the Internet, with its billions of users around the world, has made a New York minute like a leisurely stroll in a park.

According to this year’s report, the amount of activity that occurs across the world in an “Internet minute” is staggering.

Here are some highlights of what is happening on the internet every 60 seconds:

  • Amazon.com customers spend $ 283,000
  • Instagram users share 65,000 photos
  • Facebook live gets 44 million views
  • 5.7 million searches are performed on Google
  • Six million people shop online
  • Twitter users post 575,000 tweets
  • YouTube and Netflix customers stream over 1.4 million hours of video
  • Venmo users send each other $ 340,000
  • Zoom hosts 856 minutes of webinars and Microsoft Teams connects 100,000 people

So what do these numbers tell us about ourselves? Where are the opportunities and what will the future look like?

First of all, it is clear that the Internet is the busiest place in the world. The Internet is the largest cinema, the largest shopping mall, and the largest conference hall in the world. It’s our primary means of communication and collaboration, and for most people, it’s their primary source of information.

And what is surprising is that there is a lot of room for growth. With only 60% of the world’s population online, the gold rush is still on. There are billions of new users that innovative companies can sell to. So even with all the activity happening every 60 seconds every day, with every passing year, it is sure to grow exponentially.

It is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity on which everyone depends. Just like having access to electricity and running water, it is almost impossible to participate in business or society without being online.

With the internet at the heart of almost every aspect of life, analyzing usage data is essential not only for any business that wants to survive, but also for those that want to grow.

When you look at everything that happens in a minute on the internet, you can see some interesting trends:

Big Tech dominates. There are relatively few companies that account for the vast majority of this activity. Big tech companies are powerful and difficult to compete with.

Instant communication is in high demand. Companies like Zoom, Slack, Discord, Twitter, and Meta (which owns Facebook, Instagram, and more), which provide immediate communication platforms are busier than ever.

Everything is distant. Accelerated by the pandemic, remote services are replacing physical spaces. These include shopping online, watching movies online, working online. Services that enable remote access and convenience are changing the way we work and live.

Google can make or break a business. With nearly six million searches per minute, it’s essential to be seen on Google in a positive light.

For our IT services and bespoke software development company, these trends have become the basis of our strategic planning and have given us some action items for 2022.

We focus on strategies that will help us leverage the infrastructure of large tech companies, rather than compete with them. We know that an immediate response to our customers is the expectation we must meet. Our goal is to make it easier for our customers to work with us remotely. And we’re investing more in our digital marketing efforts on Google and social media.

It’s the kind of effort that we hope will help us navigate the future, which will be here faster than a minute in New York.

JJ Rosen is the founder of Atiba, a software development and IT support company in Nashville. Visit www.atiba.com for more information.

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