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Harvard University Information Technology implemented a software patch on Monday to address the root cause of the widespread internet blackouts that plagued students on campus last week.

The WiFi issues – which started on Tuesday and continued through Thursday – coincided with the start of classes on Wednesday, forcing some students to rely on wireless hotspots to take virtual classes and submit papers. homework online.

In an email to students on Thursday, HUIT wrote that a vendor software issue had caused the outages, which were also affecting other higher education institutions. EIGHT stabilized the network later Thursday, according to EIGHT spokesperson Tim Bailey.

The provider, Aruba Networks, wrote in a statement last week that it was “aware” of the problem and had been in contact with its customers to detail “mitigation measures to resolve the problem.”

“As this is a high priority issue, our global engineering teams are actively working with affected customers to provide the necessary assistance to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” the statement said.

EIGHT and Aruba worked over the weekend to find a long-term solution to the network outages and implemented a software patch on Monday to address the root cause of the problem, Bailey wrote. They will continue to monitor the network and post updates online.

Stephanie N. Yoshida ’25, who had persistent problems connecting to WiFi from her room at The Inn, said Thursday she hoped for more transparency in future blackouts.

“We’re getting the emails, but I feel like it’s after the problem has been resolved, in my opinion,” Yoshida said. “The process can be a little quicker, and then hopefully there is more information about it.”

Amanda R. Stetz ’22 – who takes a virtual course for the first few weeks – also advocated for increased communication from EIGHT.

“Just be transparent about [the issues] would be super helpful, ”Stetz said Thursday.

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